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Learn SAP UI5, FIORI & OData for web app development


In this course, you will learn SAP UI5 FIORI OData, an essential framework for developing intuitive and user-friendly web applications. Discover how to design and develop stunning UIs using SAP UI5, leverage the power of FIORI for enhanced end-user experience, and effectively interact with data using OData services.

Key Highlights

Master SAP UI5 framework for web application development

Create visually appealing and responsive user interfaces

Enhance user experience with SAP FIORI design principles

Efficiently consume and expose data through OData services

What you will learn

Understand SAP UI5 Framework

Explore the fundamental concepts and architecture of SAP UI5, and learn how to build robust web applications.

Develop Stunning User Interfaces

Discover techniques to design visually appealing and responsive user interfaces using SAP UI5 technology.

Leverage SAP FIORI Design Principles

Gain insights into SAP FIORI design principles and learn to create engaging user experiences with ease.

Efficient Data Interaction with OData

Master the usage of OData services to effectively consume and expose data within your SAP UI5 applications.


Important link & materials

10 attachments • 4 mins

PPT - SAP UI5 FIORI OData - updated on 03 Oct 2023

167 pages

Notes on ERP, SAP, SAP Architecture, HTML & CSS

24 pages


Notes on JavaScript

26 pages

Notes on jQuery and Ajax

14 pages

Notes on NodeJS, NPM

8 pages

Notes on SAP UI5

31 pages

SAP UI5 FIORI OData - code snippets

SAP FIORI Community

SAP FIORI App library

SAP UI5 SDK website

ERP, frontend, backend, FIORI - Introduction

1 attachment • 51 mins

01 - SAP UI5 FIORI OData - Introduction session


SAP UI5 FIORI - pre-requisites

1 attachment • 52 mins

02 - Pre-requisites for SAPUI5 | Basics of HTML


HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, Node JS, NPM

13 attachments • 10 hrs

03 - Basics of HTML


04 - HTML part - 2 & CSS Basics


05 - CSS part 2


06 - JS Basics

JS - examples with output

07 - Java Script part 2

JS - examples - 2

08 - Java script - 3

09 - JS & jQuery

10 - jQuery - Asynchronous, call back functions, client and serve architecture

11 - Ajax calls, Node JS

12 - Node JS, NPM - 2

Assignment - 1 - Load API data using AJAX call - display data in table format

Introduction to SAP UI5 FIORI OData

1 attachment • 55.63 mins

13 - SAP UI5 FIORI OData Introduction | What is FIORI ? | What is UI5 ? | What is OData ?

Getting Started with SAP UI5

14 attachments • 8 hrs

14 - UI5 Development tools

15 - Understanding UI5 Architecture, load and initialize application

16 - Load, initialize, controller - Building your first UI5 Application

16 - first sapui5 app code

Assignment - 2 - Input screen elements using SAPUI5 SDK

17 - View initialization - JS view, API Key points, Controller syntax, Webapp folder structure, MVC Pattern

18 - UI5 Execution flow, UI5 app with JS - view & controller with one example

18 - jsview app code

19 - XML Views & JS Controller

19 - XML View, JS controller - example code

3 - Assignment - XML View with buttons and input fields

20 - Basics of OO concept, controls hierarchy & view layouts

4 - Assignment - In view work with horizontal layout and vertical layout

20 - Basics of OO concept, controls hierarchy & view layouts - example code

Advanced UI Techniques

5 attachments • 1 hrs

21 - Base controller, model basics

21 - Global variable, controller hook methods, and base controller example code

Navigation and routing in SAP UI5

Coming Soon

Using UI elements and controls

Coming Soon

Creating responsive and adaptive UI

Coming Soon

Data Binding in SAP UI5

15 attachments • 5 hrs

22 - Understanding models and data binding - json model

22 JSON Model example code

05 - Assignment - JSON Model data with different radio buttons

23 - Implementing two way binding

23 - JSON Model, Implementing two way binding - example code

24 - Binding modes, getProperty, setProperty, Expression binding (simple validation), switch models

24 - example code

06 - Assignment - Try examples in sap.m.tables

07 - Assignment - switch between models on pressing button

25 - Table controls (table, column, rows), aggregation & element binding, model switch

25 - Model switch - example code

25 - table, aggregation & element binding example

8 - Assignment - Display gender image on table based on data (Use expression binding)

9 - Assignment - In table - display - amount with currency, rating indicator (Add 2 new columns)

Handling data validation and formatting

Coming Soon

Introduction to SAP Fiori

3 attachments

Overview of SAP Fiori design principles

Coming Soon

Configuring SAP Fiori Launchpad

Coming Soon

Creating SAP Fiori apps

Coming Soon

Working with OData Services

3 attachments

Introduction to OData architecture

Coming Soon

Consuming OData services in SAP UI5

Coming Soon

Performing CRUD operations with OData

Coming Soon

Enhancing SAP Fiori Apps

3 attachments

Extending SAP Fiori standard apps

Coming Soon

Customizing SAP Fiori themes

Coming Soon

Integrating SAP Fiori with backend systems

Coming Soon

Performance Optimization and Testing

3 attachments

Optimizing SAP UI5 app performance

Coming Soon

Debugging and testing SAP UI5 apps

Coming Soon

Performance testing strategies

Coming Soon

Deployment and Maintenance

1 attachment

Packaging and deploying SAP UI5 apps

Coming Soon


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About the creator

About the creator


 I have over 10 years of experience in SAP Technical domain, including RAP, OData, UI5 FIORI, ABAP object development and Core ABAP as well as Adobe forms. Since 2016 I have been providing training on these topics for individuals looking to expand their knowledge base or get started with a career in this area.

 If you are interested in learning more about my services please do not hesitate to contact me directly at info@suryatrainings, Thank you very much for your time and consideration!

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