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Introduction to Programming with ABAP


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Build a solid foundation in ABAP programming


Introduction to Programming with ABAP is a comprehensive course that provides a solid foundation in ABAP programming concepts and techniques. This course is designed for beginners and those with limited programming experience who want to learn ABAP, the programming language used to develop applications on the SAP platform. Through a combination of lectures, hands-on exercises, and real-world examples, participants will gain a deep understanding of ABAP syntax, data types, control structures, and object-oriented programming principles.

Key Highlights

Learn the fundamentals of ABAP programming

Understand ABAP syntax and data types

Explore control structures and loops in ABAP

Develop object-oriented programs using ABAP

Gain hands-on experience with real-world examples

What you will learn

Learning Outcome 1

Understand the basics of ABAP programming, including syntax and data types.

Learning Outcome 2

Learn how to use control structures and loops in ABAP to create powerful programs.

Learning Outcome 3

Develop object-oriented programs using ABAP and leverage the benefits of encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism.



1 attachment • 8 mins

01 - Course & Self Introduction

Course content

2 attachments • 10 mins

02 - Course content

02 - Course content


Basics of ABAP Programming

9 attachments • 2 hrs

03 - SAP Logon pad, SAP Overview, SAP First ABAP Program

04 - ABAP Syntax & key functions

05 - Key characteristics of ABAP

06 - Basic ABAP Syntax rules

07 - ABAP Chained Statements

08 - Comments

09 - Keyword documentation

10 - Implementing a simple dialog

11 - ABAP Editor basic observations & ABAP Editor customization

Coding and Debugging in ABAP

16 attachments • 2 hrs

12 - Variable, Parameter, type of data

13 - Data types ( Standard - Character, numeric )

14 - types of data types for selection screen with examples

15 - Variable declaration using DATA keyword, Character & Numeric types, Real time examples, coding

16 - Variable declaration using global data types | SE11 - Data dictionary | Real time & coding

17 - Variable declaration using DATA & LIKE keyword | Diff b/w TYPE & LIKE | Real time & coding

18 - Literal & Constants with real time examples, coding and testing

19 - Text symbols, text elements | 2 ways of creation | real time examples & coding | testing

20 - System variables | Real time examples, coding and testing

21 - Debugging Introduction | Real time examples, coding and testing

22 - Start to finish - Program debugging / ABAP Debugger - Way 1 of debugging | example,code&test

23 - Setting a break point in two ways | Real time examples. coding and testing

24 - Activating a debugger from a screen | Real time examples, coding and testing

25 - Understanding the debugger screen (Desktop 3) | Real time examples, coding and testing

26 - Important function of a debugger (F5, F6, F7, F8)| Real time examples, coding and debugging

27 - Important observation of break point, color significance | Real time examples, coding & testing

Flow Control Structures in ABAP

Runtime Errors and Error Handling

Additional ABAP Programming Techniques

PPT & Useful links

1 attachment

PPT in PDF format


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About the creator

About the creator


 I have over 10 years of experience in SAP Technical domain, including RAP, OData, UI5 FIORI, ABAP object development and Core ABAP as well as Adobe forms. Since 2016 I have been providing training on these topics for individuals looking to expand their knowledge base or get started with a career in this area.

 If you are interested in learning more about my services please do not hesitate to contact me directly at info@suryatrainings, Thank you very much for your time and consideration!

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