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SAP MDG Functional - Demo

P Raj

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SAP Master Data Governance (MDG) is an important module within the SAP ERP. SAP defines MDG as a state-of-the-art master data management solution, providing out-of-the-box, domain-specific master data governance to centrally create, change and distribute or to consolidate master data across your complete enterprise system landscape. SAP Master Data Governance is one of the first fully-integrated and active data governance application with strong governance capabilities for creation, maintenance, and replication of master data. SAP MDG is a prebuilt solution that requires configuration as against other modules that are toolsets and need coding. SAP MDG can also be configured to leverage consolidated master data from SAP NetWeaver MDM as well.



  • Introduction to SAP Master Data Governance
    • Explain the Enterprise Information Management (EIM) product portfolio
    • Explain the domains covered by the solution
    • Explain the MDG setup and configuration
    • Know the master data domains and services for which a SAP-certified partner offering is available
    • Explain master data integration and master data management
  • MDG for Material
    • Explain SAP MDG capabilities for material
    • Explain SAP Master Data Governance principles
    • Exploring the functions of MDG for material in detail
    • Explore Integration Scenarios of MDG for material
  • MDG for Business Partner, Supplier, Customer
    • Explain the SAP MDG capabilities for business partner
    • Explain the functions of MDG for business partner, supplier and customer in detail
    • Explain features and integration scenarios of MDG for business partner, customer, and supplier
  • MDG for Financials and Hierarchy Management
    • Describe finance change request and hierarchy management
    • Process simple financial objects
  • MDG Multiple Object Processing and Mass Changes
    • Explore multiple object processing
    • Explore hierarchy processing
    • Explain material mass changes and multiple object processing

Key Highlights

Introduction to SAP Master Data Governance (MDG)

Exploring the features and functionalities of MDG

Creating and maintaining master data using MDG

Understanding the data modeling and consolidation

Configuring workflows and approval processes in MDG

Integration of MDG with other SAP modules

Demonstration of MDG capabilities through practical examples

Best practices for implementing MDG in real-world scenarios

What you will learn

Introduction to SAP MDG

Understand the basic concepts and functionality of SAP MDG

Data Governance in SAP MDG

Learn how data governance is implemented and enforced in SAP MDG

Master Data Management

Gain knowledge about master data management processes and best practices in SAP MDG

Data Modeling and Configuration

Learn how to model and configure data entities in SAP MDG

Data Quality and Validation

Explore data quality management and validation techniques in SAP MDG

Data Replication and Integration

Understand the mechanisms and methods to integrate and replicate data with other systems in SAP MDG

User Interface and Workflow

Discover the user interface and workflow capabilities in SAP MDG for efficient data management

Reporting and Analytics

Learn how to generate reports and analyze data using SAP MDG

Deployment and Maintenance

Get insights into the deployment strategies and maintenance activities required for SAP MDG

Case Studies and Practical Exercises

Apply the acquired knowledge through hands-on case studies and practical exercises


1 - MDG Syllabus

1 attachment

SAP MDG Course Content

4 pages

2 - Data Dictionary

5 attachments • 4 hrs

B28 - MDG - Demo - 1

B28 - MDG - Demo - 2

B28 - MDG - Demo - 3

B28 - MDG BASIC SAP Session- 4

B28 - MDG BASIC SAP Session- 5

3 - MDG Core

4 attachments • 4 hrs

B28 - SAP MDG Session-1

B28 - SAP MDG Session-2

B28 - SAP MDG Session-3

B28 - SAP MDG Session-4

About the creator

About the creator

P Raj

P Raj have 9 years of experience in SAP Technical & in MDG Techno functional. 

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